"Emperor FU XI was Born on the Lower Middle Reaches of the Yellow River in a place called Chengji"

"The Chinese Traditionally Believed that FU XI could Assume Dragon form. FU XI Supposedly had the body of a serpent and the first Dragon was said to have Appeared to him Twenty Centuries before Christ"

"Accourding to Chinese Mythology Emperor FU XI is a Cultural Hero, Reputed to have taught the chinese people fishing with nets, hunting wiht weapons mad with iron, cooking, Demesticaion of Animals, Music, The writing systems, sericulture ( Cultivation of silk worms ) and the weaving of threads from silk worms cocoons Into textiles. "The Chinese Explored plants, roots, herbs, fungus and seed to find life giving Elements". "They Discovered that the Nutritional value of vegetable could be destroyed by Improper Cooking". "China is a country where the preparation of food has been developed to the highest level".

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